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  Institute  of  Natural  Health  and  Education

    Affordable and accredited clinical massage therapy program.

Student Clinic of INHE

$25-Full Body Relaxation Massage 

Cash or check only

Students are now available on:

Monday and Wednesday

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The student clinic will be closed from May 31st to June 4th.

Your safety is our priority. 

INHE Require individuals to stay at home if they are showing any symptoms or signs typical of COVID-19 or influenza-like illness

Please read and accept the following guidelines prior to setting up a massage appointment.


  • Wearing face coverings is optional if you believe that is necessary to protect your health.
  • Individuals with fully protected immune systems are allowed in without face coverings.
  • All health information is protected and held confidential.
  • You assume responsibility for your health when entering this facility.
  • Please don’t enter this facility if you are sick with a contagious illness.